Friday, June 01, 2007

MICRONs and INCHES: Runout specs are getting tighter

From the June Issue of BRAKE & FRONT END by Thomas Hall, a brake system engineer:
"Measured values should be compared to published service limits but on many vehicles the mounted runout is easily 0.0019-inches(0.05mm or 50 microns) or less. "
"Today, new vehicle are typically built with a thickness variation of less than 0.00078” (20 microns. Thickness variations in excess of 15 microns (0.00059”) can easily generate driver complaints."

When the article came in most of the figures were in microns. 20, 15 or 50 sounds a lot larger than .001. It used to be that .003" was acceptable for a brand spanking new rotor out of the box. Also, .00059 will barely register on my dial indicator. Things are getting a lot tighter

Times are changing. It makes you wonder if the $99.00 brake job or $12 rotor is a possible in the future.

Your comments?


Terrence Harrington said...

First of all the type of folks that are actually performing the labor on 99 dollar brake jobs are usually not well enough trained on this subject to even be aware of this concern. To them its just a complaint which interferes with trying make "easy" money doing half baked brake repair. Besides the operations which is most famous for selling that 99 dollar service is well known as a bait and switch operation anyway. As for 12 dollar rotors..... if they are true then they are true. the cost of them is not the issue. a 50 dollar wagner rotor can become distorted during shelving and shipping with runout beyond the tolerances you mention here. I think that if tolerances for lateral runout and parallelism are gonna go below the threshold of what is detectable by a dial indicator during normal shop operations how much the rotor costs will not matter. Shops will likely have to use an on the car lathe which is computer calibrated like the pro cut to prevent runout isues with brand new rotors right out the box. If a brand new rotor cannot be oriented to the hub with a dial indicator to create a situation free of runout concerns then the cost of real(not 99.00) brake jobs will not only go up but nobody will pay 50 for a rotor that they have to true up on a 7000 dollar machine when they can buy a 12 dollar one and then use the 7000 dollar procut lathe to true them to the car and get a good result. After all we will have to cover the cost of the lathe somehow.

If I know any one thing Mr. Markel it is that there is no problem which will not be eventually solved. I would simply just stick to the house brand rotor and true them up on the car during service and avoid this concern all together. But the guy who cannot financially afford an on the car lathe or justify its expense with a certain volume of brake repair will probably be the thing that disappears from the brake business.

On a side note I would like to know how to have your publication at my new shop for my techs to read. How can I do that?

Have a great day,
Terrence Harrington

Industrial Fasteners said...

Thanks fro the photo could we see some more soon?

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Cynthia Rhose said...

I just had my brakes done yesterday and it costed me well over three hundred dollars, and that was just to fix the front. I would like to see how these cheaper break jobs compare.
Cynthia |

Jim Peters said...

My breaks have made weird noises ever since I bought the car. I think that I just need to tighten them up a bit. I'll have my dad take a look at them next time I see him.

Zach Thalman said...

How often do you actually have to replace the rotors? I know that the pads get replaced a lot more often, but the rotors must need to be replaced sometime due to the friction. It is nice they don't go out as fast as brake pads do.

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